Syroyid: Abolition of the article on illegal enrichment undermined people’s belief that corrupt officials would be punished

The decision of the Constitutional Court on recognition of the Criminal Code’s article on illegal enrichment as unconstitutional entails several problems – says Deputy Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid:

“Firstly, our international obligations – the ones that were a prerequisite for Ukraine to obtain the visa-free regime – are violated. In addition, this decision calls into question the effectiveness of the functioning of all anti-corruption bodies. What will be the subject of NABU’s investigation today if the main article on illegal enrichment is declared unconstitutional?”

However, Syroyid is convinced that the most important and most terrible outcome of cancelling the article on illegal enrichment is connected with people’s sentiments:

“The most important thing is that this has undermined the people’s last faith in responsibility, in punishment for those involved in high-level corruption and those engaged in illegal enrichment. This is the sad result of this decision.”

According to the Deputy Speaker, the President is also afraid of this decision:

“He is trying to state that he will make changes to the law, but I believe that everything has been done with his hands to have this article declared unconstitutional.”

Oksana Syroid
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