Syroyid: The speed of the adoption of the budget does not correlate with its quality

“It does not matter when this budget will be adopted; it will remain equally corrupt,” says Oksana Syroyid, the Vice Speaker of the parliament. “Whether it will be adopted overnight into November 23 or overnight into December 23, unfortunately, this will not make it better. In order for it to be better, it is necessary to change not the voting day, but the approach to the budget itself.”

The main financial document of the country is full of corruption schemes, especially in the defence part. Syroyid once again emphasizes that the defence budget is completely opaque. There is no report on what money in the defence sector is spent.”

“There is not enough funding for the military. Not enough funds to provide housing for military personnel. And the state’s obligations to veterans are shifted onto the shoulders of local governments. That is, everything that the state promises to veterans – all the benefits, payments, etc. – is later demanded from cities and communities. This is shameful. The government cannot count on a high-quality army unless it starts treating its soldiers with respect.”

At the same time, the expenses for the police are so exorbitant that it seems that the state is preparing for a rebellion. And this at a time when the police have actually merged with the criminals. Syroyid explains:

“This is an absurd situation when more money is allocated for the army inside the country than for the army that protects us from external threats. In fact, the true nature of this is corruption. This is how the Prime Minister is paying for the loyalty to his colleague – the Minister of Internal Affairs.”

Samopomich did propose changes to the budget, even along with the ways of how to get money for it without corruption schemes. However, it seems, such a path is inconvenient for the government.

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