Syroyid: Samopomich has been always defending the interests of Ukraine and will continue doing so

The revenge of the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine did not start recently, as some politicians say, but back in April 2014, when Petro Poroshenko was negotiating with the Russian oligarch Firtash about his presidency and then in June announced he was ready to talk with the separatists and offered a “peaceful plan”, which was actually written in Moscow. This was stated by the Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyid.

The parliamentarian continues: “In August 2014, Poroshenko gave green light to the Russian humanitarian convoy, which carried weapons against the Ukrainians and threw our troops into the Ilovaisk pocket. In September, he signed the first “Minsk agreement” and introduced a hybrid ATO instead of martial law. He also pushed through the law on special status for certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (ORLDO) and for the first time in the history of the Ukrainian parliament closed the session hall and turned off the scoreboard.

In December 2014, he appointed Medvedchuk a member of a tripartite contact group, thus effectively legalizing him in Ukraine. And in February, he didn’t prevent Debaltseve only to sign the second Minsk agreement on February 12.”

At the same time, for all these years, the national interests of Ukraine have been defended by Samopomich. In particular:

* thanks to the efforts and position of the party representatives, no amendments to the Constitution with special powers for ORDLO were approved;

* Samopomich achieved the adoption of resolutions which defined the list of occupied territories;

* party representatives supported the blockade of “blood trade”;

* Samopomich stood up for the defence of the Ukrainian military, in particular, Serhiy Kolmohorov, who were persecuted by the military prosecutor’s office.

In return, Petro Poroshenko began exercising an incredibly strong pressure on Samopomich. We are talking about the “garbage blockade” of Lviv, for example.

Unfortunately, President Zelenskyi is taking the path of Petro Poroshenko today and is also trying to make advances to Russia.

Oksana Syroyid states: “If the President wants to preserve and protect the country, he must dare to call Russia the aggressor and the enemy.

We cannot renew that trade and communication with the occupied territories, because there are people who are killing us over there. Do not hesitate to defend our national interests, not the interests of Germany, France, and especially Russia.”

The politician concludes: “For four and a half years, Samopomich has been defending the interests of Ukraine and every Ukrainian at a high price in this parliament. We will continue to do so in the future.”

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