Syroyid: Russia is building a ring around Central and Eastern Europe to pragmatically dominate there

“Russia has annexed Crimea not because it needed a part of Ukrainian territory but because Russians wanted to pose a threat to Europe from the Black and Mediterranean Seas,” says the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroyid. And she once again warns Europe against Nord Stream 2.

Nord Stream 2 is not a commercial project, it is a project whose goal is to control the Baltic Sea. And the proof of this is the lands that Russia is buying today in Norway and Finland. Russia is buying up these lands not for private needs. And if you also add those lands that Russian oligarchs bought up in the territory of Croatia and Montenegro, then you will see a ring, which Russia is smoothly constructing around Central and Eastern Europe. And all this is with the aim of Russia’s pragmatic domination in this region through access, including access to the Black Sea, Sea of Azov and Baltic Sea.”

Russia was and still is a threat, just like the Soviet Union used to be. Nothing has changed, only borders have changed, and Western values, human values have moved further to the East. Today, there is a war determining which values will dominate the Ukrainian territory. We need a wider perspective. But not all of Europe has realized this yet:

“If you look from this perspective, then there is a question of who should fight for what: are these Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova that should stand in line to be accepted into the European Community while Russia is actively fighting to keep these states in its dominance? To my mind, it should be vice versa – the EU and NATO should do everything to accept these countries as soon as possible. Because it means saving the EU. By the way, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania – all those who have ever faced Russia’s aggressive policy – understand this very well. Therefore, they are the main lobbyists (for which we are very grateful to them) for the European integration of Ukraine. They understand that there is a struggle for these values.”

Oksana Syroyid reminds the western states of the story back from the 1920s. After the First World War, there was a certain Mr. Krupp, a large arms manufacturer in Germany, who was very unhappy with the Weimar Republic. Because the pacified republic did not buy weapons from him. So he wanted to overthrow the Weimar Republic. He turned to Stalin for help and offered tractors to Stalin to collectivize Ukraine (in fact, these were modernized German tanks).

In exchange, Stalin helped the Nazis come to power through the support of the German Communist Party. It ended with the Holodomor in Ukraine and the Second World War, which claimed 70 million lives.

“I am reminding you of this story because we are just going through this century-long cycle. And today, the newest “Krupps” are those who are offering assistance to Russia with the Nord Stream, with anti-European slogans. Machiavelli knowingly said that the most important thing for a ruler was to study history and geography. Unfortunately, we learn our lessons badly and remember very little, which is why we return to the same mistakes.”

Why should Europe support Ukraine? Oksana Syroyid answers, “Ukrainians are now at the forefront of the truth, because a nation that fights for its statehood is at the level of utmost understanding of itself, its identity. Inside the Ukrainian nation, there are no debates about whether we are Europe or not. We have fully comprehended the threat from the East that Russia bears.”

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