Syroyid: The President should be restrained by the Constitution and responsible to the people of Ukraine

Samopomich has started collecting signatures for the draft law “On the President of Ukraine”. The political force insists on its adoption in order to form the relations of the President with the parliament, the Prime Minister, the judiciary, the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Defence, and the Supreme Court of Ukraine. This draft law is in no way designed to suit any particular personality.

The Deputy Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid noted: “The document aims at developing the Ukrainian state and at protecting the freedom of every Ukrainian from the arbitrariness of any person who may once occupy or already holds the office of President. This bill is about freedom.

To date, there is no proper balance of powers in Ukraine, no system of checks and balances. Syroyid explains: “Today, the political system looks like this: there is one player and there are others. But there should be a team game and everyone should work for a common result. The president must respect all state institutions and learn to work with them together.”

The Samopomich bill will amend 72 laws, in which the President of Ukraine goes beyond the limits of his authority established for him by art. 106 of the Constitution. This is not only a problem of President Poroshenko’s term; it has been there throughout the entire newest Ukrainian history.

“We need to finally build such a system of government in Ukraine that will give us fully functional political players. When there is an effective system of checks and balances, when the President of Ukraine, like all other authorities, is restrained by law, then the President will be responsible to the Ukrainian people for the implementation of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine,” concluded the Deputy Speaker.

Oksana Syroid
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