Syroyid: “Kliuiev’s appearance at the elections is the result of the failure of the law on the occupied territories”

The reason for the entanglement with the registration/non-registration of Kliuiev lies in the fact that there is still no law on the occupied territories. This is emphasized by the Deputy Speaker of parliament Oksana Syroyid.

Meanwhile, Samopomich has been advocating the adoption of this law since 2015.

“If this law were passed, we would not have the situation when we are told that Kliuiev can be registered as a parliamentary candidate because he lives in Donetsk.”

Syroyid explains that, in accordance with the current laws, although this territory is declaratively recognized as the occupied one, there is no regime of an occupied territory there.

“That is, we don’t have a single decision that would establish what this occupation means for the people who live there, what it means in terms of legal consequences, elections, legal crossing of the line of demarcation, doing business. We have no restrictions at all.”

Both the Deputy Speaker and the Samopomich party itself demand the adoption of the law on the temporarily occupied territories, where the regime of such territories and the rules of interaction with them should be determined.

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