Syroyid: Lutsenko’s behaviour is a threat to Ukraine. He should be fired immediately

“Prosecutor General Lutsenko’s statement undermines confidence in bilateral relations between the US government and Ukraine. And the US government has always been our main partner in the sphere of security and other sectors,” says Deputy Speaker Oksana Syroyid commenting on recent statements by the head of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

We are talking about Lutsenko’s interview for American media, in which he stated that the US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch had given him a list of people whom she allegedly asked not to prosecute. Representatives of the US Embassy denied these allegations.

As for why Lutsenko made such a statement – Oksana Syroyid has two explanations: either he did not realize the consequences of his step or this was intentional.

“His statement threatened our bilateral relations. And it is a duty of President Poroshenko, who constantly boasts of his incredible diplomatic achievements and international support, to initiate Lutsenko’s resignation from the post of Prosecutor General, otherwise Poroshenko will undermine relations with the United States and this will be his personal responsibility. He will then have no right to say that he is doing everything to get international support for Ukraine.”

The Deputy Speaker states that the reaction of the US State Department is mature and responsible:

“They say this information is untrue. They will continue the cooperation with Ukraine, since they understand that the Ukrainian society and Y. Lutsenko are not the same thing. The society has confidence and is counting on the support of the US government.”

The behaviour of Prosecutor General Lutsenko is a threat to Ukraine. The authorities, which are, in particular, represented by Lutsenko cannot count on respect and support.

“The President has built a false information space around himself, and all his statements have no relation to reality – he promises people one thing, but does something different and is guided by completely different principles in his activities than those he declares. And the Prosecutor General is a vivid example of this falsehood,” notes Syroyid.

“Lutsenko must be dismissed immediately. This is an emergency, it is an issue of our external relations, an issue of our national security. The United States stands side by side with us in support of our territorial integrity – not only in words but in deeds.”


Oksana Syroid
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