Syroyid: The oligarchic system will do its best to prevent Sadovyi from becoming President

Future presidential elections are the first chance in the last decade for Ukrainians to qualitatively change their lives. Verkhovna Rada Vice-Speaker Oksana Syroyid is convinced that everything depends on who we choose as the President of Ukraine. If it is one of the representatives of the oligarchic system, everything will be as it is. If we manage to choose a person who does not belong to this system, Ukrainians will have a chance to become richer, more honest, to overcome corruption.

As for specific personalities, the politician notes, “If, for example, we are talking about the current President of Ukraine, his task is to preserve the power he has, because he has just begun to form his monopoly and increase his oligarchic status. He is a classic oligarch who uses his position to multiply his monopoly.

If we are talking about the presidential candidate whom I represent, Andriy Sadovyi, he is not an oligarch. He is not funded by oligarchs, he does not have and has never had any monopolies. Therefore, he is a stranger in this club.”

Representatives of the system have tried to blackmail the mayor of Lviv and make him submissive, in particular, through the “garbage blockade” of the city, but this plan of the authorities failed.

“Since Andriy Sadovyi is not part of the system, today he is the most real threat to this oligarchic system,” concludes Oksana Syroyid. “Of course, the majority of candidates will do their best to prevent Sadovyi from becoming president. For them, this is a matter of life and death, because if he comes to this position, he will be able to destroy these monopolies, because he does not intend to make money on them.”

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