Syroyid: There is no need to hold off on the consideration of the language law, it can be completed much earlier

“The time necessary to consider amendments to the law on the state language depends on the will of parliamentarians, to what extent they will be interested in considering this draft law,” said Oksana Syroyid, Deputy Speaker of the parliament.

She confirmed the rumours that the deputies of the majority faction were interested in delaying the consideration of this bill so that it would not have been adopted before the first round of elections.

“Unfortunately, there is such information, but I do not see the need to hold off so much, we can complete consideration of this law much earlier.”

Syroyid also reported that the break, which was demanded by the faction leaders, is not connected with the language law, but with the requirement to create a provisional investigatory commission on embezzlement in the defence sphere. Whereas the parliament started consideration of the language law back on last plenary Friday (March 1, 2019).

“It’s good that finally, after 28 years, we managed to start consideration of the law on the state language”. Oksana Syroyid once again demands not to “demonize” the language law. It contains some very important regulations:

– Requirement for proficiency in the state language for all public figures, representatives of public authorities.

– Regulation of the state language itself (state language standard, responsibility for the terminological updating of the language).

The prototype of the document on the state language was prepared by Oksana Syroyid back in 2012 after the adoption of the law by Kivalov-Kolesnichenko. And she is pleased that MPs finally managed to consider this law.

“We needed a law on the state language for 28 years. When this draft law was registered in the parliament, public activists who were ready to work on it together with people’s deputies came to us. And here we have the result – this bill – and it should be adopted as soon as possible.”

Oksana Syroid
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