Syroyid: We need a law on the President, we do not need a law on impeachment

“The country needs a law that will regulate the status of the institute of the President and the way in which this person exercises his/her powers,” said Oksana Syroyid, Deputy Speaker of the parliament.

In her opinion, even the situation with the medical examinations exposed some profound problems: everything that concerns the President is not legally regulated by law now.

“We do not understand anything today: what if the President has any health problems, where should he be examined? Who do we trust – a private clinic or the Olympic National Sports Complex? Samopomich has prepared a draft law “On the President” so that we could see the rules by which the head of state should function.”

It is not about impeachment, it is about functioning of the state institution – the President of Ukraine. This issue is not settled.

“We need a law on the President. We do not need a law on impeachment, on medical examination or a separate law on something else. For a person who wants to arbitrarily exercise his/her powers as President, the way it is done today, this law will be containment. While for a person who does not know how to do something in the office, this law will show how to exercise some powers and how to get some support and protection.”

The Deputy Speaker says that the law “On the President” will regulate some everyday things of which we haven’t even thought for some reason.

“We need to settle such trivial things in relation to the President of Ukraine, as medical examinations, providing for him or his family. After all, we do not even know how much we are spending today on the maintenance of the President, his family, including food and the rest. There must be a report, we must understand how much it all costs us.”

It is the Samopomich’s bill that will appease the society concerned about the results of the first round of elections, because it will protect the institution of the presidency from the personality that will occupy this position. Oksana Syroyid notes:

“The results of the first round speak a lot about the level of trust in the current government and the system of government as such. 16% for the current President is really a recognition of his inconsistency and illegitimacy to hold this position in the future. On the other hand, who is the leader of this race – he is the unknown. People prefer the absolute uncertainty over any famous politicians. Because the unknown lets people shape their own vision and believe in their dream.”

Oksana Syroid
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