Syroyid: We must create standards of the state language

On Thursday, October 4, the Verkhovna Rada will consider four bills on language. According to the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Oksana Syroyid, out of all the proposed documents, the best to be voted for in the first reading is bill #5670-d. Samopomich deputy Iryna Podoliak is a co-author of this draft law.

Unlike other proposed bills, this document concerns exclusively the regulation of the state language, without referring to the languages of national minorities. The Vice Speaker emphasizes that 5670-d perfectly covers the problems of the state language in Ukraine and suggests solutions to them. Oksana Syroyid notes that any controversial issues can be corrected when preparing the document for the second reading or can be put on record when adopting it as a whole. But it is vitally necessary to adopt this draft law.

“Ukraine is in a unique position because there is no regulation of the state language,” concludes the Vice Speaker. “For each language, there is a standard of the state language. We must have standards for our own citizens, for the citizens of other states willing to acquire Ukrainian citizenship – they will have to pass a relevant exam. For 27 years, Ukraine has not done this. We have a problem with terminology. Therefore, such a regulation is very important. This law provides an opportunity to regulate all these institutions in the future.”

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