Syroyid: We must make up our minds: either we hold elections to United Territorial Communities or we fully adhere to martial law

The Vice Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid calls on MPs to make up their minds regarding the elections in the United Territorial Communities in those 10 regions where martial law has been introduced. We are talking about a ban on the 45 first and 7 by-elections in the newly established UTC, scheduled for December 23, as well as about 9 mid-term local elections scheduled for December 9 and 16. According to the provisions of the legal regime of martial law, the CEC cancelled these elections. However, during the meeting of the parliament’s coordination board, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Andriy Parubiy, stated that these elections should be held. And how should this be done, asks Oksana Syroyid:

“How can we be talking about conducting elections in UTC in those regions where martial law has been imposed?” This is nonsense. Either we have martial law and adhere to it, or we hold elections, and then we must ensure all the freedoms that are necessary for campaigning and holding proper elections.”

Martial law limits certain rights of citizens. It is a mystery how they can carry out the electoral process during this time.

“I want to inform MPs that today, in those regions where martial law has been introduced, there is already a restriction on freedom of movement: that is, there are checkpoints and people are not always allowed to move within the region, which might be quite reasonable. There are also restrictions for mass meetings. People are recalled from holidays or are not allowed to go on vacation or business trips.”

Oksana Syroyid notes that martial law is necessary for the country. It is indisputable.

“Today we hear the correct arguments in favour of the introduction of martial law, it’s just a pity that we hear these arguments only 4.5 years after the start of the war. Samopomich spoke of all this two and three years ago. But our speeches only caused aggression, devaluation and offences from the President and the coalition. So, martial law is really necessary in order to protect people, but it should have been introduced long ago.”

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