Syroyid: “The elimination of the coalition is the former coalition members’ attempt to remain in power”

On May 17, the coalition ceased to exist in the Verkhovna Rada – “Narodnyi Front” faction announced its withdrawal from it. Deputy Speaker of parliament Oksana Syroyid calls such actions an attempt to remain in power.

“Representatives of the coalition declare that they are leaving coalition, but this is a hidden attempt to keep power.”

Did this coalition actually still exist? Syroyid does not know for sure.

“I frankly do not know how many signatures today are formally under the coalition agreement. Some have withdrawn their signature, some added.

As for me, the formal number of people in the coalition has nothing to do with the ability of the authorities to carry out their activities. Today, for example, one of the factions is leaving the coalition actually pursuing one goal – to preserve power.”

After the coalition is liquidated, MPs will have 30 days to form a new one, and if they fail, then the President can dissolve the parliament.

Samopomich expressed its attitude towards the coalition back in 2016. And according to Oksana Syroyid, these people have not become any better. On the contrary, they have showed a lot of their shortcomings. Samopomich does not consider it possible to join the coalition with these people.

Can Zelensky dissolve the Verkhovna Rada? The question is open. After all, there is a lot of controversy surrounding legal grounds for dissolution.

Deputy Speaker also notes that the government has now become even more headstrong, because the ministers were formally accountable to the coalition, but now there is no coalition, while the government is still there.

Oksana Syroyid also underscores that the position of Samopomich regarding the Law on elections on a proportional basis with open lists has remained unchanged since 2014.

“Apart from Samopomich, there is not a single political force in the parliament which is ready to support the proportional system with open lists. Although there are political forces that are ready to support the traditional proportional system. In any case, the elimination of the majority system is a step forward.”

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