Syroyid: “The Committee has disengaged itself from making decisions on the Electoral Code and has driven the parliament into a trap”

Deputy Speaker of parliament Oksana Syroyid says it is the Committee on Legal Policy that is to blame for the fact that the parliament has actually become a hostage to a huge number of amendments to the Electoral Code.

There are very many amendments to the Electoral Code – 4,500. But the biggest problem is that after having worked for a year and a half, the working group adopted the version that was suitable for voting, which could be done in one day. We would only have to adopt the Code as finalized by the working group. But the Committee did not support the wording of the working group.

“Therefore, today we are overloaded with amendments and must work out each of the 4,500 of them. And this is only because the Committee chaired by Ruslan Kniazevych has, in fact, failed the consideration of this Code. We are trapped and must vote for every amendment separately. We need to do this as quickly as possible, and I hope that by the end of this term we will be able to adopt this Electoral Code.”

The Committee did not approve anything, it simply disengaged itself from making decisions on the Electoral Code. Meanwhile, there are a lot of urgent issues that should be addressed – the situation in the PACE and personnel decisions. We need to hold an extraordinary session for this. So far, the MPs are collecting signatures to hold it. But there is one issue they want to consider – the law against pedophilia. Although Oksana Syroyid notes that other pending decisions can be considered as well.

“It depends on the will of all participants in the process. And the president should also join the organization of an extraordinary meeting. This would make MPs more active. It is the president who should initiate an extraordinary meeting with the agenda he finds important.”

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