Syroyid: The initiative of the President to suspend the Treaty of Friendship with Russia is four and a half years too late

“This decision should have been made back when Russia started its armed aggression against Ukraine,” Oksana Syroyid, the Vice Speaker of the parliament, comments on the suspension of the Treaty of Friendship with Russia. This is just a declarative agreement containing references to many other treaties. The very name of this Treaty of Friendship is absurd in the context of four and a half years of war. What kind of friendship? The Treaty lost its sense when Russia began its armed aggression against Ukraine.”

Today, Ukraine is unilaterally complying with many of the bilateral treaties with Russia. This also applies to diplomatic relations with Russia. Syroyid says that today diplomatic relations with the Kremlin are justified by two reasons: the fact that there are our citizens – ethnic Ukrainians in Russia, and the fact that there are many Ukrainian prisoners for the sake of whom we need to maintain diplomatic relations.

However, Oksana Syroyid says that either of these statements holds no water.

“The citizens of Ukraine who identify themselves as Ukrainians have been forced to flee Russia. And those who decided to stay accept Russia’s regime. As for the prisoners – haven’t we witnessed situations when our diplomats were repeatedly humiliated by not being allowed to see prisoners of war. Perhaps it is much more effective to ask a third state to act as a mediator and perform these diplomatic functions for us?”

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