Syroyid: The state is deceiving its soldiers

The Vice Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid harshly criticizes the defence budget of Ukraine. If you compare it with the American one – these are 10 lines against a hundred pages where each article is spelled out in detail and each soldier can see why and how much money is spent on it.

“People want to live in safety and they are ready to pay a high price to the state for that. Today, Ukrainians give one-tenth of their taxes to the state in order to have the defence of the army. And what does the state do with that money? The state deceives us, the state promises and does not fulfill its promises,” states Oksana Syroyid.

She notes that the promised payments, the so-called combat money for the destruction of the enemy’s equipment, have actually become the object of corruption among the commanders. All other benefits promised by the state were shifted onto the shoulders of local governments. The situation with the promised land is even worse and more humiliating.

“The government needs to honestly pay compensations to the soldiers, the way the city of Lviv is doing this today. But why is there no money provided for this in the state budget today? Why were all the offers of Samopomich regarding the increase of these payments rejected?”

Syroyid recalled that a year and a half ago Samopomich had proposed a detailed defence bill, but it is not being adopted.

“Everyone swears they love Ukrainian soldiers and the army, but this is not love. If you want to express your love – let people understand how much money they will receive and for what. Ukrainians should also know what they pay their taxes for.”

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