Syroid: “MPs refuse to vote for the law of which the criminal prosecution and investigation system is afraid

People’s deputies from various factions refuse to vote for the draft law #2033a, which allows reviewing unjust sentences. This was stated by Vice-Speaker Oksana Syroid.

“They refuse to vote because the representatives of the criminal prosecution and investigation system who were involved in passing the illegal judgements are afraid of the effects of the adoption of this law. The name of Oleksandr Rafalskyi has become a symbol of suffering of a person who has been unlawfully punished by the totalitarian system. The man died a few days ago, having not lived to see the resentence,” said Oksana Syroid.

The Vice-Speaker goes on: “In what way is this Parliament better than the totalitarian system that existed before if we still haven’t provided the possibility to review the sentences delivered by illegal means?”

Samopomich Union faction deputy, Olena Sotnyk, adds, “I want everyone to imagine the despair felt by the person serving a sentence in prison, having no chance to make the others believe in his innocence. The person stays in prison not for a year or two, but for ten, twelve, thirteen years. The worst is when the relatives later learn that the person has died not having been acquitted. I know why some people’s deputies do not want to make difficult decisions; but these weren’t us who adopted the laws that have led to such terrible and totalitarian consequences, the laws that virtually destroyed the lives of many people. But we are the deputies who will have to recognize these mistakes and correct them.”

In summary, Oksana Syroid emphasizes that neither the deputies, convinced of the need for the initiative #2033a, nor rights advocates or families of those wrongfully convicted will give up. “We will continue to demand adoption of the bill #2033a,” says the Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.

Oksana SyroidOlena Sotnyk
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