Syroyid: “Democracy is impossible without a strong parliament”

Deputy Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid met with representatives of the US Congress. “At this meeting, we spoke about how the parliament should rethink its mission as a full-fledged independent player in Ukrainian politics and as an institution whose main task is to restrain the executive branch, including the President,” said Syroyid. The head of the delegation, Congressman David Price agreed with her.

“He has also noted the importance of a representative body for the development of democracy. Democracy is impossible without a strong parliament. Only a representative body can restrain the executive branch – be it the president or the government. There are no other instruments of democracy, except for the parliament, which can hold the President. It’s time for us to understand this,” notes the Deputy Speaker.

“It is important to ensure that Ukrainian politics does not depend on personalities, but depends on institutions. To restrain the President means to define clear rules of the game for the authorities. And for Ukraine, it is hight time to limit the arbitrariness of the President, regardless of who he/she is and spell out the rules of the game, which Samopomich proposed in the Law “On the President”.

Oksana Syroid
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