Strong because united – story of the Bar community

In a short time since the establishment of the Bar territorial community association the community has already managed to implement several important projects
Bar territorial community association has been functioning for less than half a year. After the elections in December 2016, three neighboring villages – Shyroke, Hlynianka and Antonivka – united with the city of Bar – regional centre of Vinnytsia region. The local communities have chosen the path of decentralization in order to gain independence from the district administration and to independently form their own budget.
According to the election results, the united territorial community was headed by Artur Tsytsiurskyi. Starting from the end of 2015, he had headed Bar city council; he ran in the elections with the support of Samopomich Union; and prior to this he had been the chairman of the regional cultural and educational society of the Poles.
As noted by the chairman of the territorial community association, when they created the community they worked in good faith and in accordance with the methodology. At first, there were public hearings in the city, then the decision of the session on the appeal to the communities, which were invited to join in accordance with the long-term plan.
“Out of 9 communities that were supposed to join, four wrote a refusal, while in five other communities I held about 13 hearings and meetings with the residents. People said, “We do not want this!” But first of all we informed people that after the unification 60% of the personal income tax will stay in the local budget. This is the biggest encouragement and incentive to create jobs,” says Artur Tsytsiurskyi.
It is already obvious that due to the unification the budget of Bar community has increased 4-fold. In addition to their own funds, they are looking for additional sources of financing. “We are counting on our budget, on the help of the state. There is a state fund for regional development, to which we have submitted our proposals for financing, there is a subvention for the development of the territories – w e are also waiting for some funds,” said the deputy chairman of the Bar city council, Yuriy Hvozdar.
In addition, an expert in attracting investments has started working in the community council. This person looks for, writes, and implements grant projects. “We have already won 3 mini-grants worth up to 15,000 hryvnias. One of them has already been implemented – this is a photo story of our native city. We have also issued a tourist guide,” said Serhiy Mirchuk, an expert in investment policy.
Bar territorial community association has been functioning only for six months, but it is already creating its own positive changes independently and productively.
Since March 1, the community independently runs educational institutions. Among them, Hynsk educational complex, where children of primary classes study and where there is a mixed-age group of pre-school education functioning. The learning environment is about to get improved here: lamps are supposed to be replaced with energy-saving ones, windows will be replaced and insulated, the facade will be repaired.
In the former Antoniv village council, which has merged with the city of Bar, there is a monitor and three employees: “Previously, the budget of the village council was almost at the zero level. We didn’t have our own incomes, we were a subsidized village council. And now, even in such a short time, we have seen significant improvements,” says secretary Oksana Melnyk.
Among the latest achievements of the Bar community is the opening of a shelter for dogs. Homeless animals are sterilized, get all the necessary vaccinations and then let back to the city. Also, following the example of Vinnytsia and Lviv, there is the municipal guard is functioning.

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