Sienkevych is the legitimate mayor of Mykolayiv. The court declared that the decision on his resignation was unlawful

Today, the central district court of Mykolayiv fully satisfied the claim of the mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych and found illegal the decision of the Mykolayiv city council dated October 5, 2017, by which the mayor was dismissed from his post.

Such a decision of the court was greeted with applause by the residents of Mykolayiv who attended the court session. By the way, the people of Mykolayiv have been supporting their mayor during the entire conflict with the city council deputies who decided to illegally remove Sienkevych from office. The townspeople collected 15,000 signatures for the re-election of the city council.

Oleksandr Sienkevych thanked everyone for their support: “You inspire me to work for the benefit of the city. This is the responsibility that motivates me and gives me strength, and this is due to you, dear people of Mykolayiv. Thank you!”

Now the city council of Mykolayiv, whose decision was ruled illegal, has 30 days to file an appeal. According to Sienkevych’s lawyer Kyrylo Yukhno, the city council should accept the court’s decision: “In legal terms, they have lost completely: according to the judge, not a single argument of the defendant deserves attention, since the law on local self-government, the Constitution of Ukraine were violated, while the rule of law principles and the practice of the European Court of Justice must be observed. All these sources of law were on the side of the plaintiff, Sienkevych.”

We shall recall, on October 5, during an extraordinary session of the Mykolayiv city council, 42 deputies from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, the Opposition bloc, and “Nash Kray” voted for the early termination of the authority of the mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych. This decision was preceded by several months of pressure – both from local politicians who demanded to appoint certain people for certain positions in the executive committee and the central government. Two times the mayor received a protocol on suspicion of corruption – for voting despite an alleged presence of a conflict of interest.

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