Sydorovych: “The Electoral Code is a historic and revolutionary document”

During its meeting, the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice recommended the Verkhovna Rada to adopt the Electoral Code as a whole. Now there are no barriers to bringing the document into the session hall and its adoption. Moreover, the fact that the Committee has finally approved the document gives hope that the draft may soon be adopted by parliament.

MP Ruslan Sydorovych is one of the lobbyists of the Electoral Code. According to the parliamentarian, this document is historic and it will significantly affect the change in the qualitative composition of the parliament. Thus, the majority of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada will be regional leaders with real support from the people.

The main postulates of the new Electoral Code are as follows:

  1. Open regional electoral lists, which provide that the voters will vote not only for a political force, but also for specific people, thus deciding who of the candidates proposed by the party will become MPs.
  2. Replacement of a 5% electoral threshold with a 4% one.
  3. Restriction and clear regulation of political advertising and campaigning. In particular, the document introduces a ban on outdoor advertising, that is, advertising on billboards. In addition, equal access of all subjects of the electoral process to television advertising is ensured.
  4. Requirements regarding the financing of candidates for election campaigns are brought in line with anti-corruption legislation.
  5. The procedure for terminating the powers of members of the Central Election Commission and the procedure for electing new ones have been changed. The procedure is spelt out in such a way that no electoral process can be blocked due to personnel changes in the composition of the commission.
  6. The functions of control over the finances of political forces are clearly divided between various bodies, among which there is the National Agency for Countering and Preventing Corruption. The procedure of submitting reports by political forces and specific candidates is also clearly indicated.

“What does the Electoral Code mean for ordinary Ukrainians? Why is this so important? From the point of view of the approach to the formation of the most important bodies of political power – the parliament, the president, the bodies of local self-government – this is a real revolution,” concludes Ruslan Sydorovych.

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