Ruslan Sydorovych: “The Electoral Code is ready for the second reading. It can be introduced in the session hall as early as tomorrow”

The Electoral Code is completely ready for the second reading, and talks about the need to consider more than 4,000 amendments before its adoption are a mere manipulation. This was stated by MP Ruslan Sydorovych, representative of the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction.

The parliamentarian notes: “There are no 4.5 thousand amendments in it; there are 4.5 thousand worked out amendments and the finalized text that can be introduced in the session hall as early as tomorrow. If someone wants debates here, then they should have debated at 43 meetings of the working group that lasted for a year and a half, and not now, when this parliament’s term ends and there are few days left to fulfil the promises we made to voters.”

Ruslan Sydorovych recalls the background of the document: “In December 2014, when the coalition agreement “European Ukraine” was signed, the five factions that are now present in this sessional hall committed themselves to change the electoral model, liquidate the majority electoral system and form the next parliament on a proportional basis with open listings. While no one believed that it would be possible to do this, the working group was preparing the Electoral Code. Samopomich took this responsibility very seriously and at the beginning of this year the Electoral Code was prepared for the second reading due to our efforts and the efforts of our colleagues, who had also been working on the document.”

“Therefore, stop engaging in endless talks. We need to introduce the Code in the parliament and vote for it. We must finally put an end to it all and show that this Verkhovna Rada is able to deliver on the promises it made almost five years ago.”

We shall recall that the Electoral Code was adopted in the first reading in November 2017. Since then the working group has held more than 40 meetings with the participation of the public and prepared a document for the second reading. This document, in particular, provides for the reduction of the electoral threshold in parliamentary elections, the holding of elections to the Verkhovna Rada on a proportional basis with open lists and without the majority electoral system.

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