Sydorovych: “Judicial reform should be as public as possible”

On June 21, 2019, President Zelensky issued an order which actually launched the process of new judicial and constitutional reforms. Samopomich deputy Ruslan Sydorovych notes that this reform should be as public as possible.

“It is very important to elaborate the roadmap of this reform in the context of the Constitutional Court. We need to make it possible for every Ukrainian to go to the website of this legal commission and see, read and understand what changes will occur in a year, which ones in 5 years and which ones in 10 years. So that any person, regardless of their education, could understand which country they are going to live in.”

This should be done by a legal commission. Back in the time of P. Poroshenko presidency, there were the Constitutional Commission and the Council for Judicial Reform. But these two bodies can be combined into one, says Ruslan Sydorovych:

“We just need to make sure that this commission encompasses leading constitutionalists of the country, the best lawyers, the best representatives of the judicial branch of government, international experts who have both theoretical in-depth knowledge and practical experience to create such roadmaps, which should be made public. The Constitutional Court judges should delegate at least one of their representatives to this commission, because they have to show the challenges that judges face in their work, the problems of access to constitutional jurisdiction for ordinary citizens.”

Why is this so important? Sydorovych explains: “This is important in order to ensure that later some officials will not have the opportunity to manipulate and mislead people regarding the judicial reform, as it unfortunately happened in recent years.”

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