Sydorovych: “Samopomich is the only faction which has no button pushers”

Samopomich representative Ruslan Sydorovych believes that the piano voting in the parliament should be dealt with on a technical level.

“We need to launch mechanisms that will make piano voting technically impossible. We already have touch buttons installed – they just need to be activated. And once the touch buttons are activated, piano voting will become technically impossible. The problem can be solved without penalties and unnecessary talk.”

Why the acting parliament has not made it technically impossible for MPs to vote for their colleagues remains a rhetorical question. But there are MPs who have never been button pushers because of their principled position. Ruslan Sydorovych notes: “I want to note that in this parliament, the Samopomich faction is the only one in which none of the representatives is a button pusher. Therefore, self-discipline is the best way and an example of dealing with this absolutely unacceptable phenomenon.”

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