Sydorovych: Samopomich has a recipe of how to legally make Lutsenko resign

According to MP Ruslan Sydorovych of the Samopomich parliamentary faction, there are high chances of holding an extraordinary meeting of the parliament where there will be dismissals and appointments. He recalls that the last time, despite the unproductive voting, the Verkhovna Rada did gather at the president’s request to hold an extraordinary meeting and spent only a day for this.

Sydorovych explains that an extraordinary meeting is important, since the rules of the Verkhovna Rada do not let interrupt consideration of a bill. And presently the Verkhovna Rada is considering the reform of the electoral legislation and cannot interrupt for consideration of other bills. But the next week is not a plenary one, and there is no problem to get the president’s submission on holding an extraordinary meeting in order to consider personnel issues and put an end to this issue.

“The issues of appointing the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the SBU head, the Prosecutor General are in the area of the President’s political responsibility. Personnel issues must be resolved, and the president should be able to pursue his policy in his areas of responsibility, and then voters will assess the work of his team.”

Speaking of the preliminary voting on the presidential appointments, which failed in the Verkhovna Rada because the head of state had not submitted his candidacies, Sydorovych notes:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not only about the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence is not only about the Minister of Defence, and the Security Service of Ukraine is not only about the head of the Security Service of Ukraine. There are huge structures that perform their actions. On the other hand, the requirement to present the candidacies is quite logical, because we need to understand to whom we delegate the power to oversee such important areas in the state. Citizens want to understand who will be in charge of foreign policy, who will be responsible for the sphere of defence, who will head the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s Office. It is important.”

Regarding the legal conflict connected with the dismissal of Prosecutor General Lutsenko, the representative of Samopomich has a recipe for solving the situation. All that is needed is the parliament’s political will.

“If the Verkhovna Rada is ready to dismiss Lutsenko, then there is an easy way out and Samopomich began to prepare it a long time ago – collect 150 signatures and the Prosecutor General will resign in an absolutely legal way. We only lack a few dozen signatures now. Therefore, if we want to make the Prosecutor General resign – let’s collect these signatures instead of talking about the imperfection of the submission.”

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