Sydorovych criticized bills on liability for illegal enrichment submitted to the parliament

MP Ruslan Sydorovych says that the draft laws on liability for illegal enrichment submitted to the Verkhovna Rada, including the presidential bill, are just a promotional move that does not solve the problem of illegal enrichment.

Analyzing the draft law initiated by Petro Poroshenko, the parliamentarian notes: “This bill entails no responsibility for illegal enrichment. Unfortunately, this is a bill about nothing.”

As for the criminal cases that had been opened by law enforcement officers on the basis of the article cancelled by the Constitutional Court, they cannot be saved. We can only try to find other articles of the Criminal Code on the basis of which to open them again. However, this raises a problem. The lawmaker explains: “Such things as tax evasion, bribe, abuse of office, abuse of power are much more difficult to prove. That is, it is very difficult to prove guilt in such crimes, especially if a lot of time has already passed.”

Ruslan Sydorovych recalls: “The main purpose of introducing the article into the Criminal Code, which the Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional, was to make the officials in high offices explain how they got their fortunes mentioned in the declarations. If one cannot provide an explanation – one has to bear liability.”

As is known, earlier the Constitutional Court cancelled the article on illegal enrichment. From this point on, officials no longer have to explain where some of them got their tons of cash from.

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