Sydorovych: Electoral Code is ready for the second reading

A member of the working group on the preparation of the Electoral Code for the second reading, MP Ruslan Sydorovych says that in the near future the Verkhovna Rada will finally deal with the Electoral Code.

“I can say that the work is almost completed. On Friday, at a meeting with the Speaker, it was announced that in the near future the Speaker would be ready to submit the Electoral Code to the session hall for the second reading. I believe that we are obliged to adopt the Electoral Code in the second reading this spring so that the parliamentary election campaign of 2019 could take place according to the new rules that were promised in the coalition agreement – on a proportional basis with open lists.”

There is no legislative framework for the deadline for the Electoral Code. There are recommendations of the Venice Commission – Sydorovych explains.

“It is obvious that the Electoral Code cannot be approved when the electoral process begins. However, the sooner the parliament adopts this Code, the better it will be, because we will still need to conduct an awareness campaign among citizens, among the future members of election commissions, among observers to ensure that there will be no falsifications, a minimum number of spoiled ballots, and that the voters understand how the new electoral model works.”

The people’s deputy is convinced that despite the election campaign, the parliament should work fruitfully until the end of its term.

“It would be extremely irresponsible for the parliament to go on a break in the midst of the war, in the midst of a large number of challenges. In 2014, Ukrainian voters chose the current composition of the Verkhovna Rada willing the deputies to deal not exclusively with the election campaign. The election campaign is important, but the parliament is a legislative body and it is obliged to work and adopt the laws that are needed by Ukrainian citizens and the state.”

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