Sydorovych: “Hroisman’s resignation should first be considered by the committee and then by the parliament”

Answering the question of journalists about when the Verkhovna Rada can consider Volodymyr Hroisman’s resignation, Samopomich MP Ruslan Sydorovych noted that before approving the decision by the session hall, the issue should be considered by the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice, whose member he is.

Ruslan Sydorovych explains: “Without the decision of the Committee on the consideration of this statement, this issue cannot get into the session hall. We have a committee meeting tomorrow. If there is a quorum, we will consider this issue and make an appropriate decision, which will be submitted to the session hall. Then, on Thursday, we will be able to proceed to the consideration of this issue in parliament if there are enough votes.”

At the same time, whether or not the parliament votes for the Prime Minister’s resignation will not change anything for the country and the government. The people’s deputy explains: “This parliament’s term is coming to an end. In August, once the new MPs are sworn in, a new government will be formed.”

“The IMF mission has already expressed its position – they have suspended work within the Stand-by program until the formation of a new government,” adds Ruslan Sydorovych. “This is absolutely logical, because the current government is not responsible for the implementation of the budget in the 4th quarter of 2019, for the preparation of the state budget for 2020. The IMF are accountants, they care for calculations and figures. Accordingly, they say: “Once there is a new director, we will work with him; we will not work with the director who is already packing the suitcases”.

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