Sydorovych: Persons destroying the state should not be able to choose government

To temporarily deprive of the right to vote the persons who have committed crimes against national security and defence, territorial integrity, and those who have violated the electoral law, in particular, by bribing voters. Such a legislative initiative is proposed by Samopomich deputy Ruslan Sydorovych.

The corresponding draft law 9097 will be considered by the Law Enforcement Committee.

“People who destroy the state should not be able to elect the authorities. This also applies to those who organize networks, bribe votes, who actually destroy democracy in Ukraine – they also should take no part in voting for some time.”

When hearing reproaches that it is “too much”, Sydorovych cites France as an example. After a series of attacks, this country went much further – there were amendments to the Constitution introduced, and thus people who destroy the French state are deprived of their citizenship.

“I believe that those people who destroy the state, the principles of democracy and the right to vote (for bribery is the destruction of the election right) should not be allowed to choose the authorities – the president, people’s deputies, local authorities – for a certain time.”

The lawmaker argues that this bill is absolutely constitutional, it does not deprive of the right to vote.

“If this were so, it would have contradicted Articles 22 and 70 of the Constitution of Ukraine. We are talking about a temporary limitation for certain persons. After all, our Criminal Code states that individuals may be deprived of the right to engage in certain activities for a certain time, to occupy certain positions. This is exactly the same.”

According to Sydorovych, it is necessary to discuss the issue of active electoral law and to understand whether the people who destroy the state should have the same scope of rights as all other citizens and create mechanisms that will protect the interests of the state.

“Very many politicians say that they are fighting with the Kremlin, fighting with external aggression, against separatism, but these words do not translate into concrete actions. I propose concrete and clear mechanisms for how to remove those people from the formation of government bodies.”

However, Ruslan Sydorovych notes that he has information that the Committee is going to reject the draft law 9097. And this is a definite marker:

“Look closely at the MPs – see who rip their shirts open swearing that they have always defended the interests of the state and who prove their words with concrete actions.”

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