Sydorovych: “It is not right when the Foreign Ministry is not headed by anybody, especially in the face of the Russian aggression”

Samopomich will vote for the president’s submission about the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. MP Ruslan Sydorovych notes:

“The issue of determining the policy in the sphere of international activity is a matter of the president’s political responsibility; therefore, it is illogical not to give him the opportunity to implement his policy.”

Sydorovych draws attention to the fact that the candidacy of Vadym Prystaiko, proposed by President Zelenskyi, is positively perceived in the circles of diplomats. And the previous head of the Foreign Ministry, Pavlo Klimkin, has gone out of business, or, as he himself said, has gone on a political leave. “It is not right when the Foreign Ministry does not have its representative, especially in the conditions of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation,” said Sydorovych.

We shall recall that the dismissal of the previous Minister of Foreign Affairs and the appointment of a new one was coordinated by the relevant parliament’s committee of the parliament and the vote was scheduled for the extraordinary session on July 11.

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