Sydorovych: We cannot let turn martial law into profanation and farce

“Samopomich requires a report in the Verkhovna Rada from all departments on the martial law in the country and the future plans,” said MP Ruslan Sydorovych.

“Those structures entrusted with implementing the necessary measures regarding the martial law regime should regularly report to the Ukrainian parliament and the Ukrainian people on what has been done during this period in order to strengthen their defence capability and to make every citizen feel safe and secure.”

Sydorovych notes that people do not have sufficient information about the legal regime of martial law – either in the regions where it is introduced or generally across Ukraine.

“On the ground, regional state administrations, district state administrations are silent and do not explain to people what this means for them. But all people, not only those living in the regions where there is martial law, are concerned with these issues. And people have the right to know, have the right to understand what measures the state will take to protect their rights and their security. Such uncertainty breeds fear and insecurity in the future.”

Certain forces begin to speculate on such a situation. In particular, on the issue of elections in the united territorial communities. This is unacceptable, says Ruslan Sydorovych.

“One has no right to juggle with the issue of holding local elections in those territories where martial law is introduced. In fact, local elections in UTC have already been disrupted. And the statements about the will to ensure the active electoral right of citizens are profanation and deception. We have to be honest with people – in the conditions of martial law, free elections that meet world standards are impossible by definition.”

“We cannot let turn martial law into profanation and farce. People need to understand that the state is actively increasing its defence capability and how this is happening.”

Sydorovych emphasizes that the President, the NSDC, the government should have informed the people about what the consequences of the imposition of martial law would be and what exactly this would mean for people, whether there would be any restrictions in their everyday life.

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