Sydorovych addressing citizens: Give your votes to those whose words correspond to their actions

Speaking about electoral violations and standards for conducting an election campaign, MP Ruslan Sydorovych from the Samopomich Union faction, said: “International standards regarding the use of funds for the election campaign are much tougher. If these standards were applied in Ukraine, there would have been much fewer problems.”

For example, in most countries of the European Union, any speech by a person who holds a public post and is a candidate in an election campaign is considered an element of election campaigning. This ensures that all candidates are in equal conditions regarding the opportunities to convey information to voters. In Ukraine, we have something absolutely different – under the cover of their activities, some officials have more opportunities than their competitors to convey their position in the media. Ruslan Sydorovych states that in such a way a candidate indirectly receives additional informational preferences.

The parliamentarian notes, “Any information voiced amidst the electoral process shapes the “yes” or “no” position.

It is noteworthy that now the Verkhovna Rada has a real opportunity to increase responsibility for election abuse, illegal campaigning, and bribing of voters. The corresponding bill was prepared by the government, but today’s coalition is not putting it to vote.

“Therefore, standards are very important. I am urging all citizens to monitor the civilian monitoring of electoral violations, sort the wheat from the chaff, and when at the polling stations on March 31 – vote for those whose words correspond to their actions,” concludes Ruslan Sydorovych.

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