Sydorovych: “High time to put an end to the speculations concerning the removal of immunity. This can be done in a week”

MP Ruslan Sydorovych declares that it is possible to remove the parliamentary immunity in a couple of weeks. Samopomich has long prepared an appropriate bill that can make this happen. The key to its removal is not in the Constitution. This is what the MPs are trying to convince us of. In fact, everything is much simpler.

“There is no point looking for the problem where it does not exist. What we need to do is to put to vote the bill of Samopomich, support it with 226 votes and stop the speculations about the changes in the Constitution. And this can be done as soon as this week or next week. There is no point waiting for a long and complicated procedure of amending the Constitution.”

Ruslan Sydorovych says that it is not the Constitution that provides for the parliamentary immunity, which makes MPs superior to the investigation, these are two concrete laws – “On the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine” and “On the Status of the People’s Deputy.”

It was two years ago that Samopomich registered a relevant bill, which greatly simplifies the procedure for bringing people’s deputies to criminal liability. And all these speculations are just aimed at deceiving people,” concludes Ruslan Sydorovych.

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