Sydorovych: While talking about the fight against raidership, the government is actually undermining this fight

The Verkhovna Rada sent the draft law 8121 on amendments to the Land Code on counteracting raiding to the committee for revision

MP Ruslan Sydorovych says that the document was prepared by the Agrarian Committee and was aimed at solving the problematic issues of agricultural land plots. This bill eliminated a number of schemes that are currently used to illegally seize land in the village. Also, as a result of the review of amendments, the things that relate to the documents submitted to the notary for identification of a person and identification of the transaction were removed from the primary version of the document. They took away the things that related to the possibility of automatic disappearance of relevant information from the encumbrance registry after 5 years. The bill provided for the novels that could ensure real legal protection and eliminated the schemes existing today.

However, towards the end of the voting, something completely unacceptable happened. Sydorovych says, “The deputy, who is not a member of the relevant committee, who had not submitted amendments to this bill, just read three pages of text from the rostrum.

Sydorovych fears that those amendments that were read from the rostrum (which are in fact part of draft law 9311) will devalue the work done.

“This is not to mention the violation of article 116 of the regulations, which does not allow introducing amendments in the second reading to those provisions which were the subject of consideration in the first reading. Therefore, we will closely monitor the further developments, we will fight, but does danger exist. This very important bill might be simply killed.”

Sydorovych also draws attention to the insistence on the part of the Narodnyi Front faction and the Ministry of Justice to return the registration chamber in the form of a unitary enterprise.

The lawmaker reminds that it was precisely the Ministry of Justice that once demanded the elimination of the Chamber be liquidated, calling it a source of corruption.

“What is the point in returning a unitary enterprise then? This is a depreciation of the work performed by the Parliament of the Eighth Convocation seeking elimination of corruption points.”

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