Sydorovych: One cannot solve the tariff increase issue by blocking the rostrum

“We have no right to turn the tariff issue into a farce and means of promotion of certain persons,” said the deputy of the Samopomich Union faction Ruslan Sydorovych commenting on the regular blocking of the rostrum by the representatives of the Radical Party. The latter demand lowering the gas prices and the resignation of the Naftogaz management.

Sydorovych explains why the actions of Liashko’s party will not work, “I believe that the tariff issue cannot be turned into a farce and means of promotion of certain persons. We must be honest with people and speak about the real steps that can make a difference. Because neither the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, nor the team of the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities, nor their decisions – against which Samopomich had opposed – cannot be cancelled.

For example, the decisions to raise the night tariff, about which Samopomich was the first to speak, and it was Samopomich that mobilized local governments and initiated filing a relevant lawsuit to the NCSREU to cancel the unreasonably increased tariff, and we then defended our position. These are real steps that can change something. Therefore, we must be honest with people and offer real solutions.”

Samopomich deputies have repeatedly warned both the Ministry and Naftogaz about the rental payments, about transparency, the gas market, the electricity market. “These issues are very complicated and they cannot be solved by blocking the rostrum,” says Sydorovych.

“In this case, we have a presidential election campaign, and the issue of energy security is a matter of national security. I am convinced that this issue is exclusively the area of the President’s political responsibility. Let’s recall who appoints the relevant commission of the NCSREU? It is the President himself. Therefore, it is now critically important to mobilize the voters to make sure they will come to the polling stations and will change the existing state of affairs.”

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