The judicial reform is a profanation. People will be left with nothing – Samopomich

According to the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyid, the events connected with the selection of candidates for the Constitutional Court, which are now taking place, are an indicator that the Yanukovych regime is flourishing.

She explains, “Immediately after the Revolution of Dignity, the parliament managed to bring itself to dismiss the five judges who were appointed according to the quota of the Verkhovna Rada. Out of fear of people, the parliament appointed well-known and respected lawyers instead. Then the parliament also appealed to the President and the judiciary with a request to withdraw their quota of judges from the Constitutional Court.

However, everybody wants to possess slaves, and neither the President nor the congress of judges have ever intended to update the composition of the body qualitatively. Now it is virtually the eve of the election or appointment of five more members of the body. Look at the candidates and you will realize that the four people appointed by parliament on the surge of the Revolution of Dignity will remain in minority.”

And this is despite the fact that it was the Constitutional Court that played a big role in the formation of the former authoritarian regime, which led to the war. The Vice Speaker emphasizes, “I want everyone to understand that the current or future composition of the Constitutional Court plays for our state no less important role.”

Samopomich MP Olena Sotnyk underscores that almost all Ukrainians will be able to feel the “effectiveness” of the body.

All they need is to try to use the instrument of constitutional complaint provided for in the new law on the Constitutional Court.

She notes, “The constitutional complaint is an opportunity for every Ukrainian citizen to apply to the Constitutional Court. Today, given those politicized processes of selecting judges, we can state that this tool for citizens will inevitably turn into yet another way of judges’ enrichment.

All this is due to the fact that the judicial reform that has been promised to us for three years is, in fact, nothing more than a profanation that might be used by the chosen ones associated with the President and the Presidential Administration, while ordinary people will again be left with nothing.”

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