The court once again dismissed the motion of the prosecutor’s office: house arrested was lifted from Vladyslav Marchenko

Today, the Court of Appeal of the Kharkiv region canceled the decisions of the investigating judge and refused to prolong the preventive measure for the deputy head of the Zaporizhia regional council, the head of the regional Samopomich organization Vladyslav Marchenko and his brother Mark. According to lawyer Yevhen Hrushovets, this was the court’s recognition of the groundlessness of the charges, of the investigation’s ineffectiveness and the lack of evidence.

“Today, the Court of Appeal once again confirmed the groundlessness of the prosecutor’s claims to keep Vladyslav and Mark under house arrest and changed the measure of restraint to personal recognizance. This means that they will have certain duties like reporting to the prosecutor’s office in case they decide to change the address of residence and the like. If you take a look at the chronology of the court hearings with respect to Vladyslav and Mark, you can see how consistently the court dismisses the motions of the prosecutor’s office because of the groundlessness of the latter’s arguments. The defence party, in its turn, intends to continue to prove the innocence of both Marchenko brothers until absolutely all suspicions are cleared,» the lawyer assured.

We shall recall that Vladyslav Marchenko is accused of embezzlement of public funds intended for the construction of infrastructure facilities in the city of Zaporizhia, even though all the works have been completed and the funds have been transferred to the contractors.

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