The court found illegal the dismissal of the first deputy chair of the Lviv regional council

Lviv district administrative court granted the claim of Paraskoviya Dvorianyn on her unlawful dismissal from the post of first deputy chair of the Lviv regional council.

Judge Nataliya Hren delivered a judgment in favour of Paraskoviya Dvorianyn. Consequently, the termination of the powers was declared illegal in connection with the violation of the law “On Local Self-Government” and the regulations of the Lviv regional council.

“The court has granted my claim for recognition of my dismissal as unlawful. It was very important for me to show to the society of Lviv what tools the Lviv regional council is guided by when making decisions. Today I have proved that very often the regional council is not guided by the interests of the voters – but rather by the interests of the oligarchs and the presidium which is now sitting there,” Paraskoviya Dvorianyn states.

We shall recall that on April 5, during an extraordinary session of the Lviv regional council, the ruling majority dismissed Paraskoviya Dvorianyn from the post of first deputy chair of the Lviv regional council. Actually, there were no remarks to the work of the first deputy, while the dismissal was purely motivated by political vengeance for the active and principled position of Paraskoviya Dvorianyn. In particular, in relation to her refusal to sign the protocol with the results of the competition of the State Fund for Regional Development in 2016. Back then, 40% of the Fund’s money was sent to the electoral districts of two majority deputies, leaving other regions without the possibility to solve their problems.

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