Court recognized the validity of the elections in Shcherbani UTC

Poltava District Administrative Court recognized the validity of the elections in the village of Velykyi Trostianets (Shcherbani UTC) and ordered Shcherbani village electoral commission to count the votes again. The lawsuit to the court had been filed by the candidate for deputy in this constituency Oksana Hurtseva.

The candidate from Samopomich received the most support from the voters. However, Shcherbani village election commission decided to cancel the results, since there were no seals on the control sheets in the ballot boxes. Oksana Hurtseva demanded to recognize the unlawfulness of the actions of the commission. The court partially satisfied these requirements:

“The court has established there was a violation of the law on elections; therefore, the court considers it necessary to oblige Shcherbani village electoral commission to reconsider the electoral documents submitted to the PEC #530765, in accordance with Art. 83 of the Law of Ukraine “On Local Elections”. The administrative lawsuit of Oksana Hurtseva against Scherbani village electoral commission on the recognition of unlawful actions should be satisfied,” concluded Judge Kostenko.

The decision of the court has already been handed to the chairman of the Shcherbani village electoral commission. The head of the Poltava regional organization of the Samopomich Union political party Vyacheslav Kushchynskyi believes that there could have been no other solution.

“This is the only possible court decision. The law was violated, and the court underscored the inadmissibility of arbitrariness during the electoral process. This is how states governed by the rule of law are built. We hope that in other stations the law will dominate over the interests of individual politicians,” summed up Vyacheslav Kushchynskyi.

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