The court gave back to the community of Kyiv one of the scandalous “Marchenko’s lands”

The Economic Court of the City of Kyiv decided to return a plot of land at the address 4th Provulok Lermontova, 34 to the ownership of the community of the city. This plot is mentioned in the investigation of Samopomich with relation to deputy Roman Marchenko as the one arbitrarily seized in 2012. Moreover, together with five other plots, this one forms a beachline, and therefore must belong to the community of Kyiv.

The investigating authorities established that the site had been taken from the ownership of the community of Kyiv without the consent of the community and on the basis of a fake decision of the Kyiv City Council. The court also concluded that the City Council of Kiev had not made any decisions regarding the privatization or transfer of this land plot.

We shall recall that after investigating the activity of the deputy of the Kiev City Council Roman Marchenko, the Samopomich Union party excluded from its ranks the head of the faction in the Kyiv City Council, Serhiy Husovskyi, and three other party member who voted for the decisions that let other land plots to be transferred to the ownership of the deputy’s family. In total, Marchenko and his family got 1.4 hectares of land in their ownership. Representatives of Samopomich have transferred all materials of the internal party investigation to NABU.

As for the deputy Marchenko himself, who was not a member of the party, the party will initiate the procedure for his recalling from the Kyiv City Council on the people’s initiative.

The court’s decision

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