Fear of e-declarations makes corrupt officials resign, Soboliev

A fear of the electronic declaration system makes Ukrainian corrupt officials resign from their posts, said MP from the “Samopomich” faction, Yehor Soboliev.
“Many officials have tried to prove that the system of e-declarations is unreliable, and it can be broken. However, one important fact can’t be denied: from September 1, the electronic declaration system is full-fledged. According to my information, some officials have already resigned, because they are afraid of e-declarations. This is the result of power cleansing,” said Soboliev.
The MP does not exclude the fact that some individual lawmakers may still be trying to disrupt the work of the system of electronic declarations. But he is confident that the public, journalists and Western partners of Ukraine will be able to overcome this resistance.
Still and all, Soboliev believes that the major problem in the fight against corruption is the lack of the system of justice in Ukraine which would bring senior corrupt officials to court.
“The biggest problem of the people who started fighting corruption is that there are no judges who can assess the independently collected evidence and deliver a verdict,” stated Soboliev.
He adds that “Samopomich” faction deputies are already negotiating with American and European colleagues about the idea of ​​delegating their judges to Ukraine.
“These judges would deliver judgments as a jury in the Anti-Corruption Court. Then this body will be able to provide what the public needs – legal liability of the top corrupt officials and justice for everybody, even the President,” summed up Soboliev.

Yehor Sobolev
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