For the attention of the media!

Information disseminated today by various media (the original source – “Ekonomichna Pravda”) stating that people’s deputies from the Samopomich parliamentary faction – Bereziuk, Ostrikova, and Semenukha – submitted an amendment to the draft state budget which lobbies the interests of individual agricultural holdings in terms of their obtaining agrarian subsidies is NOT true.

In particular, the news of “Ekonomichna Pravpa”, reprinted by other publications, says,“Deputies of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and Samopomich ask to abolish restrictions on subsidies for Kosiuk… The corresponding amendments, WHICH ARE ALSO aimed at the CANCELLATION OF THE RESTRICTION were made by the deputies of the Samopomich faction – Oleh Bereziuk, Roman Semenukha, Tetiana Ostrikova.”

MPs Ostrikova, Semenukha, and Bereziuk are not among the authors of the amendment which cancels restrictions on the payment of no more than 150 million hryvnias of subsidies to one agrarian enterprise.

In addition, in accordance with the draft budget for 2018, the government proposes to reduce the amount of subsidies to agrarians by 2 billion hryvnias. This year these subsidies make no more than 4 billion. In connection with this, 5 associations from the agricultural sector have appealed to the Prime Minister Hroisman with a request not to reduce the total amount of the allocated subsidies in 2018.

Thus, in accordance with the information of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council, even the money allocated in 2017 is not enough for all agrarian enterprises, and the reduction of subsidies in 2018 is unacceptable. According to their data, presently farmers receive a refund of only 50-60 kopiykas for 1 hryvnia of VAT paid.

Therefore, Samopomich deputies submitted an amendment, which suggests retaining the scope of subsidies (VAT refunds) for certain types of agricultural products at the level of 2017. This is what is said in the amendment submitted by the deputies of the Samopomich Union faction – Tetiana Ostrikova, Oleh Bereziuk, and Roman Semenukha.

At the same time, the two largest agricultural holdings, which this year received the lion’s share of the budget subsidy, will receive only 150 million each.

Representatives of the Samopomich Union political party are drawing attention to the fact that the information placed at the website of “Ekonomichna Pravda” is not true. We are also warning the media against spreading this false information.

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