“Attempts to disrupt the elections in Shpola are a consequence of the lawlessness at the elections over the past years” – Oleh Lavryk

At a polling station No.710825 in the city of Shpola, Cherkasy region, where the elections to the unified territorial community are taking place today, unknown persons cast three packets of ballots into ballot boxes.

Upon the information of the chairman of the Samopomich Union initiative group in the city of Kaniv, Oleksandr Mokriyenko, who is now at the polling station in Shpola, from the very beginning it was obvious that falsifications had been prepared. “There have been no preparatory meeting, the ballots were not counted, the amount of hand-delivered ballots was not registered. Twice observers had to prevent the unlawful actions of the chair of the commission when she wanted to collect the counterfoils from ballots and hide them in her safe.”

He has also reported that around 10:00 am a fight between the representatives of two parties was provoked, during which about 30 people in camouflage uniforms ran into the polling station. That time the commission and the observers reacted well and did not give them the opportunity to get to the ballot boxes and cast ballots. However, around 3:00 pm, 15 people in sport suits arrived at the station, beat the observers near the ballot boxes and cast three packs of ballots there; the fourth one was taken away from them when they were detained. “Notably, the seized ballots turned to be the ones from this very polling station – they had the appropriate seals and fit the counterfoils. This means that they had been given out by one of the representatives of the precinct election commission, “said Oleksandr Mokriyenko.

As noted by Samopomich MP Oleh Lavryk, the attempts to disrupt elections in one polling station, where one candidate is ahead, cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election results in the district. “And this is a consequence of the authorities’ inaction after falsifications at the by-election in district 205 in Chernihiv, in Volyn region, Ternopil… The lawbreakers were not punished then, and this leads to even more blatant violations today,” states Oleh Lavryk.

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