“Samopomich is the only party that had real primaries” – Committee of Voters of Ukraine

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine confirmed that Samopomich was the only party whose formation of the electoral list to the Verkhovna Rada had taken place according to the principle of voting by party members, that is, the classical primaries.

“We had no real primaries, with the exception of the Samopomich political party. They really had their party members voting and thus arrived at the final list. All other projects are actually an imitation of primaries. They are the game of beautiful words.

But I want to remind that the primaries are a survey of party members, their voting and formation of the relevant results, in the first place,” said Oleksiy Koshel, chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, during a press conference “Ukraine at the start of elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”.

The leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, notes that since the beginning of June, this is the second time that authoritative public organizations emphasize the achievements of the party. “Chesno” movement has included 13 of our MPs into the top 25 most honest MPs. The Committee of Voters of Ukraine believes that we were the only ones that held real primaries. Why? Because Samopomich is the only good party that builds its work on the principles of transparency and publicity,” comments Sadovyi.

We shall recall that Samopomich nominated its candidates for people’s deputies following the principle of open lists. The final list was formed on the basis of three working lists – of the current MPs in the Samopomich faction, of regional party leaders and of external experts. In May, party members in each region conducted ranking of candidates in the first two lists. Then, at the “Open Lists – Finals” forum the final rating was formed. On June 8, during its party congress, Samopomich presented the final list and announced its candidates in the single-mandate districts.

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