“There is no justice and there will be none. We must start all over again” – Oleh Bereziuk

During the parliamentary coordination board’s meeting, the chairman of the Samopomich Union faction Oleh Bereziuk drew attention to the mismatch between the rhetoric and the actions of the government in matters of pensions, medicine, and decentralization reform.

He started his speech by referring to a letter from a resident of the Prymorsk village in the Skadovsk district of the Kherson region, born in 1952, who writes: “I have been always working honestly and diligently. But for the 41 years of service I have earned a pension of as little as 1,503 hryvnias. Now I have received the additional payment of 223 hryvnias only. In the Pension Fund they say that there is a small coefficient, but what is my fault? Don’t I deserve a good coefficient for my 41 years of experience?”

Oleh Bereziuk notes that there are hundreds and thousands of appeals from people of various villages and cities of Ukraine, “Those who had high pensions, received high surcharges. But people do not believe that the state “ditched” them so cruelly, and they are asking pension funds to recount their pension once more. There will be no recount. Because this is not a pension reform. To my great regret, this is only a solution to the deficit of the Pension Fund at the expense of the pensioners themselves.”

The chairman of the faction also emphasizes the problems with the financing of medicine and an even greater reduction of the funds for medicine in the 2018 budget.

“Back two months ago I appealed to the Prime Minister about the fact that in the mountain Skole district the ambulance service was not working properly – in particular, the substation in the town of Slavske. Do you know what it all resulted in? The substation hasn’t been working for a month at all! Because there is no money to repair one car.

And this is what happening throughout the country, while in the next year’s budget there is further robbery – of medicine, among other things. I insist on returning 4 or 7 billion hryvnias, which are being taken away, back to medicine, including emergency medical care. Where to get this money from? From the law enforcement agencies! After all, what are we building – a police state, the National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor  General’s Office? These are very serious topics, which are discussed today not by the opposition forces, but by people to whom the ambulance can hardly get in 2.5 hours. And in some cases this ambulance is no longer needed, unfortunately.”

And probably the majority of the Cabinet’s high-flown talk has been in support of budgetary decentralization and the creation of united territorial communities. But today, judging from the draft budget, the government’s plans are radically different.

“It’s almost the middle of November, and in some cities the heating season has not yet begun. Why? Because the state has not paid for the debts that it had created. And the next year local budgets will be plundered also, because they will have to pay for these exact debts.

MPs have adopted in the first reading a bill that supports UTC by providing communities with the right to own the lands that are outside the populated localities. But in the agenda for this session there is a government bill aimed at taking these lands away from the UTC. Not only are they robbing budgets, want to increase the reverse subsidy, but now they want to take back what belongs to citizens and for the sake of what, by and large, communities united in the first place,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

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