“The case of paper clips” in Skadovsk: the prosecutor’s office did not provide sufficient arguments

Oleksandr Yakovliev is disputing the decision to dismiss him from the position of the mayor of Skadovsk. Let us remind you that on December 28 the district court decided to remove him from office for a year for an allegedly committed administrative offense related to corruption – the purchase of office supplies worth of 1,167 hryvnias.

Today, the court of appeal in the Kherson region postponed consideration of Yakovliev’s appeal till February 20. It was decided to make a break in order to receive additional materials.

The lawyers of the Skadovsk mayor are convinced there was no violation of the law, because all goods were purchased at a market price, and they were necessary for the daily work of the mayor’s office. Moreover, the stationery store, which belongs to the wife of the mayor, is the only supplier of stamp pads and stamps in the city, and it had cooperated with the city council long before Oleksandr Yakovliev became mayor.

The people of Skadovsk also believe that the mayor was removed illegally. They have gathered for rallies in their city several times, and today they arrived in Kherson and organized a peaceful assembly outside the court.

“It seems that the current government wants to return a repressive machine to our reality,” says the deputy of the Samopomich parliamentary faction Oleh Lavryk, who together with the head of the faction Oleh Bereziuk attended the court hearing. “My grandmother used to tell me how in 1947 people were taken to camps for a stray word or for having a couple of potatoes. Therefore, at such a time, we must be united, we must be with the mayor until the truth triumphs.”

“Next week, in the session hall, we will fight for what this government does not want. For the Anti-Corruption Court, which they are afraid of, because they will be judged not for paper clips, but for billions that they are plundering every single day from those tariffs that we are paying. They do not want to be convicted, yet they are convicting the man who has the support of people because of some paper clips,” states Oleh Bereziuk.

Oleh BerezyukOleh Lavryk
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