Jaanika Merilo – a special guest of the forum “PUBLIC BUDGET. Cities for People”

On December 16 in Lviv there will be the first all-Ukrainian forum “PUBLIC BUDGET. Cities for People”.

During the forum, the participants will become familiar with new solutions for the automation and simplification of project processes, will listen to the reports of the representatives of the city authorities that have already implemented the “Public budget” project and will get an opportunity to learn about some practical aspects of project implementation from the social activists who submitted their projects under the “Public budget” program and are implementing useful for their city projects in various ways.

Jaanika Merilo, as a special guest of the forum, will participate in the discussion panel on organization and implementation of public budgets. She will share the experience of implementation of the Public budget program and will talk about the methods of application of information technologies in municipalities.

The organizers ask all those interested to register here.

We shall recall that the forum will be held in Lviv on December 16 from 9:00 to 18:00 in the Premier Hotel Dnister in 6 Mateika St.

See you at the Forum!

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