Reduce the tariffs

“Samopomich” Union faction requires immediate adoption of an action program jointly with the government in order to address the tariff crisis.

the government ignores the fact that 99.7% of all income is spent on food, goods and services, especially utilities. The percentage of those making savings is only 0.3% — this is the lowest figure ever recorded. Therefore, if the government, the Verkhovna Rada, the President, who appoints the head of National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities who is responsible for setting tariffs, don’t solve this problem as soon as possible, in the autumn the state will be bankrupt with its people below the poverty line.
We demand:

To reduce the tariffs by 40% at least
• when the government announces that the price of Ukrainian gas has become a market one, the one comparable with the imported gas, consumers do not care where the gas is produced — in Ukraine or abroad. For people the number one priority is to pay less. Therefore, a part of the 40 billion hryvnias which the state sends as subsidies in transit to «Naftogaz» should be allocated for energy conservation and efficiency. Today “Samopomich” is ready to talk about it — about changing the focus of the state from supporting “Naftogaz” to supporting common people. The aim of consumers is to reduce their own spendings by reducing energy consumption and implementation of energy efficiency. Reduction of tariffs is also possible by reducing the rent currently paid by “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” to the state budget at the expense of which subsidies are actually funded. We must break this vicious circle. We also need to talk about profitability of “Ukrgasvydobuvannya”. The company had 8.3 billion hryvnias of profits last year due to Ukrainian gas production, but the question is whether such super-profits are really needed now? “Samopomich” faction has an elaborated by experts package of proposals to the government and is ready to cooperate.

The tariff crisis has every chance to become a political one. Day by day there are more and more talks about early parliamentary elections. We cannot let this happen, because this will, first of all, destroy the already weak economy.
There is a risk that against the backdrop of political upheavals no one will address the issue of unsustainable tariffs for the population. Possible early elections of the Verkhovna Rada should be averted by unblocking the work of the parliament and by adopting the Law “On Elections of MPs” by means of open lists with the appointment of new members of the CEC. Reproduction of oligarchs in politics happens precisely through the election mechanism and due to the dependent CEC. The law on proportional election system with open lists will allow to get rid of “private” parties and let a transparent party system develop, which will form the government and other authorities that will counteract corruption and prevent it instead of cherishing it.

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“Samopomich” offers an alternative way: to focus on improving the welfare of the people – for them to have enough money not only to pay the bills.
Aliona Babak Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Communal Services
Wrongful taxes, wrongful tariffs – robbery as it is – are, in fact, the result of Parliament’s loyalty to the oligarchs rather than the people.
Oleh Bereziuk Chairman of the faction "Samopomich Union"
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