Sotnyk: The voters should know where the candidates get the money for their campaigns before the elections

MP Olena Sotnyk representing the Samopomich parliamentary faction believes that it is important to have the reports on the election campaign made public before the very elections.

“At the time of people’s voting, there is no reliable data as for where the millions on TV advertising, on billboards come from. This is huge money, and it is unclear how the candidates having very modest declarations and no millions of dollars on party accounts according to their party reports can afford such pre-election campaigns. Where their money comes from – this should be the key question for the voters.”

Now in Ukraine, party reports are made public after the elections, and Olena Sotnyk reckons this to be erroneous.

“After all, those who give money for elections are the people who will then in a certain way influence power decisions, they are the people who will then ask for something in return for this money.”

In addition, Olena notes that it is wrong when every Tom, Dick and Harry can become a presidential candidate.

“First of all, this should be a person who has a certain background, has support among people and a certain authority in the society.”

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