Sotnyk: Meeting of the provisional investigatory commission in the Handziuk case switches to a closed mode in order to avoid possible threats to the safety of witnesses

The next meeting of the provisional investigatory commission in the case of Kateryna Handziuk will be held behind closed doors at the request of the activists, informs the secretary of the commission, MP Olena Sotnyk from the Samopomich Union faction.

“The situation is quite complicated. After having conversations with a number of activists, we had to switch to a closed mode, since these people are worried about their safety. And this means that law enforcement agencies should take measures to protect them.”

Sotnyk adds, “Security and protection of witnesses is the key task of law enforcement today! The result of the investigation depends on this.”

Olena Sotnyk also has a question to the law enforcement agencies about why no one has interrogated Andriy Hordieyev, head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, so far? PIC listened to him in Kherson during its offsite meeting, but it is obvious that this was a public statement for the cameras, the actual interrogation must be conducted by law enforcement officers.

“Despite the demonstration of the publicity of the RSA head and his statements that he is ready to testify with the lie detector, the question arises, what prevented him from actually coming and testifying?”

“His explanations are too general. He just stated he had never had a conflict with Kateryna and that he was ready to testify with the help of a polygraph.”

All this situation speaks volumes about the work of local law enforcement agencies and now the SBU. Why, despite the victim’s version, the RSA chairman has not yet been interrogated? There is still some hope for the SBU in the capital,” said Sotnyk. Obviously, the decision to transfer the case to the central level of the SBU was the only correct one.

Another valuable achievement of the PIC’s offsite meeting was the study of regional problems, including security issues and corruption risks. PIC members received a lot of information that went far beyond the scope of the commission’s work.

There will be a separate response to this information, we will report on the results additionally. Kateryna Handziuk died on November 4 in Kyiv a few months after an unknown person doused her with sulphuric acid in Kherson. On November 6, the Verkhovna Rada set up a provisional investigatory commission to investigate the attack on Kateryna Handziuk and other social activists.

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